Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Letter from September 24, 2012

 My new companion and I have been getting along great and though this week was slower than we would have liked we were able to set up a ton of appointments for this next week. My companion is from Maryland and has been on his mission for a year. I also learned that his name is spelled Koncurat rather than however I spelled it in my last letter. Its been a interesting week since I had to take charge of our area after only 6 weeks into our mission, (New missionaries almost always spend at least the first 12 weeks with their trainer.) but it's been a great experience!!! I had to set up every lesson and make every phone call and it really just helped build my confidence. We met with the family of 5 again on Saturday and the lesson went great with two of the girls coming out to church the next day. We're hoping that the rest of the family will make it to church this week. I also extended an invitation to two of our 15 year old investigators to come attend seminary and while they both seemed pretty interested they unfortunately had to cancel last moment at least for this week.
 Well in other news we helped with two moves this week and got quite the workout each time. I love being able to provide service and I especially love being able to take our white shirt and tie off once and while. You know that your a missionary when you start referring to your slacks, white shirt, and tie as your "normal clothes". Oh and I forgot to mention in my last letter that I was able to get the window replaced and we now have a new Crystal clear window in our bedroom! Courtesy of Elder Reeves haha. I have also become somewhat of an expert at preparing ramen noodles as it is a good portion of my diet while I try to recover from the window debt. I've been adding carrots, celery, peppers, hot sauce, and what ever else I can find to change it up a bit.
 In terms of your comment on Dr. Pepper as a missionary we are pretty up to date on the latest church news, and the church made an official statement on the 29th of last month stating that caffeine is ok and is not against the word of wisdom. Now with that being said I still choose not to drink it and have not had a single caffinated drink in over 4 months so you can be proud of me mom! I've tried to stay away from soda completely now and I think that it really has been a blessing in my life.
 In church a couple of weeks ago and every week since we have had state representatives in the hallways registering people to vote. Since Nevada is a pretty important swing state in the upcoming election its been hit pretty hard with politics and I went ahead and registered to vote in the state of Nevada. I'm sure that Colorado has been hit just as bad though with the election commercials and talk.
 You'll have to send me some pictures of Wilson's new home, the kids football games, and everything else that's been going on. I'll let you know if we're able to get anyone to seminary this week and how our new investigators are progressing. I really hope that I am able to stay here for at least one more transfer though so that I can see all these wonderful people through to baptism. What's important is that they do come unto Christ but it's always neat to be able to be there for it.
 Keep up the missionary work and try to get the missionaries more involved with your friends. I keep you in my prayers and wish you all the best. Love you,
Elder Keller Reeves

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