Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Letter from October 22, 2012

   Well this wasn't the best week for my companion and I in the field. The work was pretty slow this week but we still had some great experiences. After changing a members flat tire on Monday we enjoyed the rest of our P-Day and made our way to dinner that night. Following dinner we still had some time to go make some visits and figured we should stop by the ward fish fry that was going on. Well lets just say I'm really glad that we did! From the half hour that we were there we set up a couple lessons, placed a Book of Mormon, and received a new investigator!!! So the current standings with our main investigators are as follows.
Gina and Mika - Just finished the lessons waiting to find out what Saturday they'll be available to hold the baptism on.
Tehani - Keanu's 17 year old sister, Just finished the lessons asked her to pray about a date.
Amanda - New investigator from fish fry, 1st lesson went really well and I have a feeling she's going to get baptized, have a second lesson set for this week.
Mimi - Agreed to be baptized, working on a date.
  -  And the rest are at the same spot as last week. 
Guy and Maluhia - Keanu's dad and 19 year old sister we've taught the 1st lesson to and are meeting with them when ever their available hope to set them for the end of November.
Kendal - Looking to set him this week to get baptized early November
Dray - Set for mid to late November
Goyeau family of 6 - Not certain yet but we should be teaching them the second lesson soon and I hope they'll be ready between late November and early December.
   Well our zone all had interviews with the mission president this week which I thought went really well. The president was really up lifting and told us that he had received some complements about my companion and I from a member whose in charge of stake public relations. Our transfers are in a week and I think I'll still be here another transfer but one of our roommates already knows he's leaving so we've all been speculating on what the new guy is going to be like. I'm excited to see some of the work my companion and I have been doing turn into a number of baptisms in the upcoming month!!! We've been privledged to teach so many amazing people who all have strong testimonies of the gospel of christ. Everytime I see the Warburtons I can't help but smile and state again just how grateful I am to know them and be part of their baptism. Coming from the priesthood meeting last night he walked by us as we drove a way and yelled "Ask the missionaries they can help you". Also I don't know if I told you but we have brother Corbridge in our ward whose father is in the Seventy got the Warburtons some awesome tickets to general conference up front....AND...they got to go through the tunnels and have lunch in the Seventy's cafeteria!! I'm so jealous but happy for them at the same time!!! When they got back from Salt Lake they gave my companion and I gifts that they bought at Deseret Book of two plastic missionaries! Ha man their awesome!
   Well I hope you were able to go through all the pictures that I sent you guys! And I'm really excited for this election to end cause I'm tired of all the dumb political junk mail that we get every single day! One of the people running for Senate here is in the Stake Presidency and we got to here from him last night. He gave a great talk and a big focus of the night was about missionary work. It's crazy to think how many poeple are going on missions now, but I can't help but be excited. At the same time I'm glad that I'm on my mission right now cause I don't know how I'd be doing with all the drama going on at home and college!! I'm really glad that I'm able to focus on the mission and really not worry to much about the things going on in the world around me. I hope you all are doing well and I'm sorry to hear about Daniels game! Tell Harris that I love him and will be praying for his health. Best wishes!!! Love,
Elder Keller Reeves

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