Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Letter from October 29, 2012

Well we received our transfer calls on Saturday and the good news is that my companion and I will be together for another transfer which will be a blessing for me since I'll be able to see many of the people I've been teaching get baptized! We currently have 5 people we've extended baptismal commitments to who've accepted and should be getting baptized this transfer. Tehani, Mimi, Gina, Micah, and Kendal all accepted our invitation and are praying for a date. We just taught Kendal the 3rd lesson yesterday and I was so happy to hear how excited he was about baptism and learning more about the church. Kendal is a senior in High School and is just now beginning to look into colleges, so naturally I brought up BYU after the lesson and tried to do a little recruiting. It'd be so awesome to come back from my mission and go to school with a kid that I baptized!!! He's such a great kid and has never had a religious back ground so my companion and I have had the privileged to start from scratch. In talking about the Holy Ghost it was amazing hearing him share his experience and recognition of the Holy Ghost in his life with us. He's had a pretty rough past and is living with his grandmother in the apartments right next to ours which makes it easy to get a hold of him and keep in touch. I can definitely tell that the church will greatly help him in his life and I can't wait to see him get baptized.
   As for the man and his children that we had been teaching... well things have really slowed down. He's still going through a lot of drama with his wife and the whole divorce situation and so it's been hard to get a time where he and his kids can sit in. Things are beginning to look promising for him though and it looks like he and his wife might be getting back together and taking the lessons as a complete family.
   Now Dray (the awesome Yoga instructor, and DJ) that we've been teaching had to unfortunately cancel on us this past week but we're really looking forward to meeting with him this week and hopefully ask him to pray about baptism. It's been great teaching him and it really warms my heart to hear people tell us that they already believe the things that we are teaching to them. I know that their are great blessings in store for him as he continues to progress and build his testimony of the Gospel.
   This last week I was excited to attend two of our ward Halloween parties but a little bumbed that we had to leave both of them early to make other appointments we had scheduled. It's amazing how many people who you spend months trying to contact end up finding their way to these church activities so we we're blessed to spend our time getting to know new people.
   Oh and with transfers today we are getting a new roommate which is really going to change the feel of the apartment. I'm excited to meet the new missionary on whom we already have a few harmless jokes we are planning to play. I'll have to let you know how those go in the next letter. Well Halloween is drawing near and mission rules are that we can't be out. We do however have a mission get together that day and a dinner that night. It should be a lot of fun and I can't wait to see the whole mission together at one time!!!! That's a lot of spiritual power right there! Well I'm glad to hear things are going well and you were able to view the pictures I sent. I wish you all the best, Love
Elder Keller Reeves

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