Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Letter from October 3, 2012

Sorry in my last letter I didn't mean to make it sound like the church has begun to support the consumption of caffeine and I absolutely do not teach that to our investigators. I was just laughing at the comments that were made by the members in ward counsel the other week over the press release. I still am on your side of the issue mom and warn our investigators and members of the dangers that addictions to caffeine can lead to.

   This past week has not been the best week for my companion and I as appointment after appointment fell through and many of our investigators just didn't have the time to meet with us this week. On the brighter side we have almost everyday this week already book and are really cleaning things up. My companion and I continue to get along great and I'm getting the best training I could ask for seeing as how I simply had to take over the area. We've begun to go through the area books and the apartment cleaning old papers and trash that don't belong and have begun to update missing information on our area. There's a lot to do but by the end of our transfer we should have it all up to date.
   I'm so excited for general conference this week and have heard so many stories of how amazing the messages are to you while your on a mission. Now sure it kinda stinks that I can't wake up and watch the broadcast with my family in my pajamas but I'm excited to go and watch it with those that we are teaching. Church just flies by every Sunday and your heart leaps as the investigator you challenged to come to church walks in the chapel doors. I love hearing the testimonies of our investigators and I'm excited to hear from the Warburton family how they enjoy their very first general conference. Every time I go and visit the Warburtons we always find them singing and listening to the hymns, reading the scriptures or preach my gospel, and just being flat out amazing. I really hope that I can find another amazing couple like them who are willing to not just listen to us but to build their faith and then act upon that faith. Faith as described in the bible is a word of action. In James 2:17 It states that faith if it hath not works is dead meaning that a testimony of Christ is simply not enough as having faith in him. If we are to truly have faith in Christ we will take it upon ourselves to do something about it through striving to become more like Christ. I love the mission not only because of the lessons we are able to teach to others but also because of the lessons that we ourselves learn.
   So the highlight of this past week was probably the dinner/lesson we had with our ward mission leader and the Ha'o family. As for dinner we had an authentic Hawaiian dish which lets just say made me appreciate the fact that I'm serving in Las Vegas and not Hawaii. We had Lau Lau's which is fish and pork wrapped in laulau leaves and steamed or something along those lines in short it tasted a lot like raw fish wrapped in a ton of seaweed. Besides my risky experiment of the Lau Lau which I guess really wasn't that bad we began our lessons with Guy, Tehani, and Malihia which was awesome! I can already tell that they are all going to be baptized and I'm so excited to see their family finally come together.
   I hope that you guys remember to continue to go and speak up about the church to your friends and invite them to attend activities. I realize that it can be hard and missionaries will ask you over and over without it really sinking in but I promise you that you will be amazed by how many people you know who are ready for it! I had an experience this last week speaking with a missionary from Haiti serving in our mission. He just arrived two weeks ago and is already finding how hard the work is serving in a ward in which the members don't help with the missionary work. I've been so blessed with wards who love their friends and family and aren't afraid to speak up about the church to them. By working with the members we are able to get more work done, and see more results. I love you all and hope that you help your friends and missionaries out by just taking the step to reach out.
   We had a great P-day today with our zone by having a combined breakfast and games activity. One of the sisters in our zone made everyone Swedish pancakes which were quite delicious and the rest of us all pitched in bringing drinks, bagels, donuts, and games! So far this last week my companion and I are on a role helping with 3 differnent moves as we prepare for even more service this week. I still love hearing all of your stories from home and wish you all the very best Prep Day Monday ever. (It's funny how before the mission you always dread Mondays but now you grow to love them!)
Love, Elder Reeves
P.S. Could you please send me a copy of everyones birthdays and ages!!!!

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