Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Letter from September 17, 2012

Since beginning my mission I've often wanted to go back to high school and do a better job of sharing the gospel with my friends. I was always afraid of how they might react and of being to overbearing. Often as members we think that as soon as we get the missionaries involved then it's just to much for our friends to handle at that time. Almost all of the work that we do as missionaries is directly effected by the willingness of the members to reach out to their friends and family. The impact that a simple invitation to a church meeting or activity can make is amazing. As I look back to high school I now realize how many people were ready for the gospel if I had just taken the time to invite them. I would encourage all of you at home to accept the challenge of inviting at least one friend or family to come to the next church social and introduce them to the missionaries, and YES I expect to hear how it goes from each one of you at home!!! I'M SERIOUS! Harris go and invite Mrs. Peters to come to the next ward Christmas party. Tell her that Keller a.k.a (Elder Reeves) wants her to come and that she needs to write me sometime. Tell Noah to keep up the amazing missionary work that I've already seen him do. When he turned 8 years old he invited our next door neighbors to come to his baptism. I have already seen 3 people on my mission come to a baptism to support a friend and leave the baptism with the desire to be baptized themselves. Seeing how much help the members in my area offer us as missionaries I can promise you that your missionaries will love you ever so much if you just give them somewhere to start!
   As for how this past week went for my companion and I well.... it's been great! We finished again with record numbers and then the best part is that we picked up 6 new investigators!!!! One is a family of 5 who we meet with and taught most of the first lesson. The family loved how it went and said they would be interested in hearing more. We left them with a reading assignment and were pleased to hear that they planned to read it together as a family. The father of the family is currently going through a divorce and we are teaching him, his son, and his 3 daughters. I have high hopes for the family and can't wait to hear how their reading went. The next investigator that we picked up is a young man around 16-17 who lives in the building right next to us. He lives above a member family who are good friends to him and finally invited him out to church. He really enjoyed sacrament meeting and informed me that he would love for us to come over and to teach him more. Like I said it been an amazing week.
   Yesterday my companion and I went on splits with our roommates and I was able to teach a second lesson to an investigator that my companion and I came across the other week and turned over to our roommates who are over the singles ward. That night he informed us that he prayed and received his answer to be baptized. It will be the first baptism for my roommates and I'm so happy to have been a part of it.
   Now for perhaps the biggest news of the week. Transfers are today and we received the call Wednesday night that my companion will be leaving the area. It's going to be hard taking charge over the area since I barely know the map of our area and couldn't tell you the gate codes for any of the neighborhoods (or for our apartment complex), but I'm very excited for my new companion. From what I've heard he's a hard worker and I have a list of goals I know we can complete if he's up for the challenge. I'll get to meet him in person at 5 today and then we'll get right to the point and get to work. We have a lot of work to do and relationships to repair but I know that with the right mind set we can do it. I love you all and hope to hear soon how my challenge goes! Oh and my new companion is Elder Conqueret. Best wishes,
Elder Reeves

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