Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Letter from October 15, 2012

   All went very well this past week and I feel that we made some great progress with our investigators. With our 3 new investigators we taught the second lessons to this past week all of them went great and we are ready to set two of them with dates in our next meeting. One investigator Kendal began asking us how he can become Mormon and about baptism so I would say that he is pretty ready. The second lesson with Mimi went great as well and we are hoping to set her with a date sometime in November when her kids are in town so they can come attend. Then Dray our 3rd new investigator received the second lesson far better than I could have hoped for! He said that the Plan of Salvation made perfect sense to him and he all ready believed in a lot of it just with his personal beliefs from before. Though he hasn't come to church yet he thanked us for teaching him and is looking forward to our next lessons! So here is our current standing with each of our investigators I see getting baptized either this transfer or next.
Gina and Mika - We just recieved permission to baptize Mika and are going to shoot for the 27th of this month.
Tehani - Keanu's 17 year old sister we're hoping to teach her the last two lessons this week and set her for the 27th as well.
Guy and Maluhia - Keanu's dad and 19 year old sister we've taught the 1st lesson to and are meeting with them when ever their available hope to set them for the end of November.
Kendal - Looking to set him this week to get baptized early November
Mimi - Looking to set for mid November
Dray - Set for mid to late November
Goyeau family of 6 - Not certain yet but we should be teaching them the second lesson soon and I hope they'll be ready between late November and early December.
   Those are all the people we are teaching who I think will get baptized within the next transfer. I really hope I can stay in the area and see all this great work play out! We were also excited this week for the Palo Verde ward as we received 3 new investigators at church yesterday. We meet a family two weeks ago and asked if they'd be interested in coming to church, so we were naturally thrilled to see them actually there on Sunday and to see the members do a great job with fellowshiping them right in. Another sister who we've been trying to contact for months finally just showed up at church and we're working to set up lessons with her at a members home. Kevin who we found tracking the other month still hasn't had a weekend we could meet with him but I still have very high hopes for the man!!! I feel that he's a pretty solid investigator and it's just a matter of time for him.
   So in typing this letter we came to the library this morning but I received a call from Keanu's mom asking if we knew how to change a tire...So my companion and I looked to each other logged of and headed over there, with our roommates who gave us a ride to the library, to help her family with their car. While we were changing the tire 3 people stopped and asked if we needed any help and one asked us how many missionaries it took to change a tire (we had 4 working on it). Well we got it changed but I was on the ground and got myself and my whites pretty dirty. What's important though is that I remembered how to change a tire...I mean that we helped the family out!!! Ha ya after getting stranded for a while on the farm this summer with a flat I was able to get right two it in a fraction of the time!!! See I told you my job this summer did a good job with preparing me for the mission! I love all the service we get to do though at times I feel a bit like a moving company seeing as how I've done at least 5 moves in the past two weeks.
   It really is crazy to think that Harris is already 17!!! Hope you guys have a great party oh and look out for a little something in the mail sometime this week. Thank you for sending me that list mom it really helps me with writing them in on my calender so that I'll remember. I'm excited to hear how Noah and Daniel's games play out and if their going to be facing off in the Super Bowl game! Also you'll have to send me some pictures of Wilson's new home that they just moved in. This last week was pretty interesting weather for Vegas as we experienced some serious flash floods that turned the streets into rivers within seconds. It was fun though and we got soaked coming in that night. Well I love you all and wish the best, Elder Reeves.

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