Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Letter from November 19, 2012

   Well this last week has been a long one for us between the many meetings we had, and the contention that has been arising in the apartment. I am very much looking forward to Thanksgiving and hope that we can all feel the joy with this holiday season. I did loved the opportunity that we had to hear from Elder Echo Hawk and loved the stories that he had to share with us about his conversion and about his childhood. We learned a lot about his life and about a few of the many blessings he has received through faithful church attendance. We also learned about the exciting campaign that the church is launching this holiday season. Starting November 26th the church will be launching ads on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and other websites inviting people to remember and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. Their is a link now ( where you can send people for free copies of the Christmas story, e-card downloads, and Christmas music downloads. It's pretty awesome and I would encourage you to go check out the link. It's amazing how much more friendly people are around the holiday season as Christians unite in celebrating the birth of Christ, and makes it very easy to reach out to people and invite them to a Christmas event.
   Well enough about Christmas since it's still a month away and lets focus on the missionary work here. Mimi has been having an excellent week and all her family is in town to celebrate Thanksgiving with her. We're looking forward to our next visit with her especially since the family will be there for it. In our last discussion she was having a problem with coffee and we challenged her to pray about it and at least try giving it up for a time. She has a great spirit and I know that she will come in time. Dray texted us this last week that his back has been doing better and he wants to meet sometime this week. Kendal was supposed to make it out to church this week but last second some family matters came up which kept him away from us. Hopefully we can meet with him this week and continue to prepare him for baptism in early December. We're supposed to be meeting with Gina and Micah either Friday or Monday so we can do the baptismal interview and hopefully baptize them next week. We also got a hold of John this week who was the Compton cop who had a book written about his life. He let us into the door and we had a pretty good discussion and invited him to a live production of the nativity that the church is putting on out here. Speaking of the nativity it's supposed to be super awesome and have live animals, actors, and music. A lot of the members in our ward council are going to be in it and have been growing out their breads for the last month so it's been interesting attending a sacrament meeting where the person conducting has a full beard growing. Anyways it should be a great show and makes our door to door approaches much happier visits as we simply invite people to attend the event.
   You'll have to tell Elder McKay hi for me and let him know that I really appreciated that they took me with them to make visits. How's his new companion fitting into the ward? I really hope that the ward doesn't change to much while I'm away cause I really have come to love that ward. Oh and we did receive some exciting news from the Zang family who we had taught and then turned over to their missionaries when we found out that their in another ward. The son Sunny is getting baptized in December and the mom will surely follow soon after. We miss having them in our ward but I know that the other ward will take good care of them. I'm really excited for the Turkey Bowl this week and for being able to celebrate with some members in our ward!!! Oh and make sure that Elder McKay and his companion have a place to go for Thanksgiving. Also I had sent dad a letter the other day for his birthday and it should hopefully get their by tomorrow. Well sounds like you guys are having an exciting week you'll have to let me know how it plays out. Thank you every one for the support you give the missionaries and the love you show them while their away from their families during the holidays. I pray for you all and wish you the best, Happy Thanksgiving!! Love,
Elder Keller Reeves

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