Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Letter from October 8, 2012

This conference was absolutely amazing! I had heard stories from missionaries saying that conference is so much better as a missionary and I can testify of the truth of that statement. The spirit was so strong during the conference and I was so tuned that it flew by and was way to short!!! As soon as president Monson made the announcement that all 18 year old young men can now apply for their missions my mind went immediately to Harris and the opportunity this allows for him. I'm excited to think now that my younger brother can be out on his mission in just a year and a half allowing him to turn 18 and graduate from high school. This is so exciting since he can be in the mission field and serving at the same time as me....who knows maybe even the same mission!?!? I'm also excited for the opportunity this provides to many of the women who would like to serve missions. Women are great missionaries and really help the work to progress so it'll be exciting to receive even more of them in the next few years. As for how this effects me well I'll probably be serving with and training 18yr olds in the very near future.

   I loved the themes of the conference focusing on missionary work, children, and following Christ. We live in such an exciting time for the church and missionary work is going to take off in the next few years! We also had some great lessons with two new investigators in between the conference addresses. We met with Kendal for the first time on Saturday morning and had an amazing lesson with the 17 year old young man. He had lots of great questions for us and was excited to accept a copy of the Book of Mormon and begin reading. We're meeting with him again this week and I can't wait to see how the reading went. Our other new investigator is Dray who is a yoga instructor and a DJ, (Like I said Vegas is a pretty interesting place). Well Dray drives a pretty sweet decked out red convertible bug, and was very open to the message we had to share. He agreed to read the Book of Mormon and take all the lessons from us and was just over all amazing. The work here is strong and plenty oh and I just remembered that we also had another new investigator we taught this week for the first time named Mimi. She's a very sweet older woman who has children who are members but has never looked into our church herself. The lesson went great and we helped her to install the scriptures onto her smart phone before we left. This next week looks promising as we will be teaching the second lesson to hopefully 11 of our investigators!!! We also are looking forward to teaching the 3rd lesson to Gina and her son tonight as we prepare them for baptism this month!
   I'm glad to hear things are going well at home and I'm excited for dad's new position in the CMC. My companion and I continue to get along well and had the best week together yet, our Zone Leaders dropped in this morning to have combined studies with us and said that we were doing an awesome job, in just a bit our zone is doing a combined bowling activity which should be pretty exciting. One worry that has been on the back of my mind these past few weeks is that I'd be transferred before I get to see so many of the people I've been working with get baptized. We easily have 6-10 people that will likely be baptised this next transfer. So while I'll be happy to go where the lord needs me I still have my fingers crossed that I'll get to stay for at least one more transfer.
   Well I love you all and wish you the best, and after the General Conference announcement I sure hope there are at least some women still at home when I get back from my mission HaHa! Love,
Elder Reeves

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