Monday, February 25, 2013

Letter from January 7, 2013

   Well I am definitely ready to get back into the heart of missionary work as the holidays have come to an end and our investigators are hopefully out of excuses! The weather out here has been great and my companion and I get to spend a lot of time out walking in our short sleeve shirts. I can't say that I looking forward to the summer as I would much rather the temperature remain right where it's at. This has been a really slow week for us with two of our investigators move, one ask us not to contact him for a while, and three of our other lessons cancel on us. Never the less it's a new week and we do have one new investigator in our singles ward that we hopefully get to begin teaching this week. I feel like we've been working really well with the members and the number of referrals we receive is beginning to increase. I really want to stay with my companion at least another transfer so that we can really build up the area. The transfer is already nearly over and we've already received the news that we'll be getting over 50 missionaries in just the next two transfers (12 Weeks) which will open up a new zone and have over half the mission training. It's also neat cause I'll be older than over half the missionaries out!...Or maybe that isn't so neat haha.
   We did a lot of service this week helping with a couple moves and then the biggest project which was helping the members we live with clean out their garage. I love living with members and it's definitely a different feel from the apartment I came from. I really feel at home with them and on New Year's Eve since we had to be in by 6 they came and watched Called to Serve, and Mountain of the Lord with us. I'm really grateful to them in all that they do for us and hope that we get to stay for a while before they rotate us to a new home.
   Today we're going to go run some errands we had and then we're meeting up with the zone to play some flag football. It should be fun day and it'll start the first normal week we've had so far this transfer. I hope dad passes his kidney stone alright and that you all are doing better and getting over the sickness that's been going around. I heard that the MTC is having their own problems with getting sick and that 250 missionaries got a virus that was going around....Glad I was able to miss that!
   I'm sorry to all the people who I haven't responded to who wrote me or sent a package for Christmas. It's been a little crazy and I'm trying to find a time to sit down and write you back. I love you all and wish the best from a very happy missionary.
Elder Keller Reeves

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