Monday, February 25, 2013

Letter from February 19, 2013

 Good Afternoon. Sorry I couldn't email yesterday but the library seems to close for just about every holiday you forget about while your on your mission. It definitely sounds like you guys are staying busy as my companion and I have been as well. I think I've heard of Elder Stowell but I haven't meet him since he is serving over in Mesquite which is pretty isolated from the rest of the mission... even more so than Parump. It's exciting to hear about all the mission calls that are being made for the people back at home but a little weird as well since I wasn't expecting many of them to serve for another year before the age change. You'll have to let Elder Washburn know that I'm doing well and I am thankful for the chance I had to go out teaching with him and his companion.
   This was another good week for my companion and I for missionary work and we've been making a lot of progress with our investigators. On Saturday we had two baptisms with one in our singles ward and the other in my old area where I was able to go back and baptize our investigator Maggie. I also learned from the missionaries there that her daughter is taking the lessons now and working toward a baptismal date.
   Our lesson with Ben and his son went really well and the spirit was definitely in the room and had us all in tears. They've been loving church and have been pretty golden investigators from the get go. We're hoping to set them both with a baptism date soon and see the whole family continue to progress in the gospel.
   Joseph is set for March 2 and we're going back tonight to continue the lessons. On Sunday he came to church and was able to stay for all three of the meetings. Tomorrow we are going to have a lesson with Shantal in the singles ward and I'm planning to set her with a date when we come over and teach her about baptism. She's been progressing really well and is always asking us to come back as soon as possible for the next lesson.
   Our other singles ward investigators have been a bit quiet these last few weeks but we should be able to meet with them again soon. Jamie just got back from her cruise and we plan to continue the lessons with her on Sunday, and Brittani said that we could stop in on Wednesday to continue the lessons.
   All in all it's been going great and staying busy for us. We have transfers on Monday and will be getting our calls this week about who's training, going into leadership, or being transfered. I'm a bit nervous but pretty excited to hear about all the changes in the mission. Well our time is a little short today but know that I love you guys and wish you the best,
Elder Keller Reeves

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