Monday, February 25, 2013

Letter from January 22, 2014

   Well the library was closed for the holiday on Monday so we had to wait till today to email back. Our P-Day was a lot of fun and our zone got together and hiked Red Rock (I actually got to go this time since we didn't have to have member rides). The hike was a lot of fun and the view from up top was great! I wish I had taken some pictures of the rocks and the view but I forgot my camera. I did however get a picture with the welcome to California sign on Friday as my companion and I made the trip out to Parump to make some singles ward visits. Parump wasn't as exciting a trip as I thought it was going to be and the landscape is exactly the same only with less people, less buildings, and a whole lot of guard dogs! We gave up on attempting to enter the yards of some of our members and left an invite to the singles ward on their mailbox. On our way back to Las Vegas we saw the California Border just 5 miles off the highway and so since California (Death Valley) is still in our boundaries we thought it'd be neat to swing by real quick and take a picture. It was a good day for us and we meet a few people who said that they would try to get a group together to come out to the singles ward in Las Vegas each week.
   We had another great week in terms of the missionary work and found some more new investigators. We received a lot of referrals in the last week and still have two that we are checking on today. The other referral that we received was from our Zone Leaders for the singles ward. I haven't met her yet but I hear she is a pretty solid investigator and brought a friend to the first lesson who is interested in sitting in on the next lessons. We made some more progress with Jamie on Sunday and she agreed to be baptized once she feels the time is right. I think that the way we have been breaking down the lessons for her is helping a lot and I think that her time will be pretty soon. I had a good one on one conversation with her in the last lesson and I could tell that what we have been teaching her is really starting to stick and make her think.
   Our other lessons also went well this week and we began teaching a sister who had gotten caught up in school and work and began to just stop coming to church. The lesson was productive and helped set her back on the right track. She reminded me a bit of Anna in how hard she works toward the goals she sets for herself (career wise and in education) and is just starting law school. Our lesson with Cameron was great and for a 9 year old he amazes me with how in tuned he is with the lessons and what we're teaching. We taught the Plan of Salvation to him and he had lots of questions for us and shared with us what he had read that week and what questions he had about the reading. I'm really looking forward to meeting with him again today and hopefully we can get his older sister more involved.
   Well transfers were this week and there was a lot of exciting news about all the changes that were being made. One big change was that they added a new zone to our mission and we received 24 new missionaries with supposedly a few 18 year olds. I was also really excited to find out I would be staying in the area with the same companion. My companion was called to be the district leader which now means that every companion I've had so far in the mission has been district leader while I was with them.
   So now begins our new transfer which has been shortened from 6 to 5 weeks to accommodate changes in the MTC. I'm excited to see our finding efforts begin to go through and I look forward to another 5 weeks with my companion. Our zone received another missionary from Colorado and one from Wyoming making 4 in our zone from Colorado and one who is close enough.
   I love you all and wish the Best
- Elder Keller Reeves

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