Monday, February 25, 2013

Letter from January 3, 2013

Sorry for the late email the Library closed early on New Years eve and we missed our chance to email so I now have a little time to write today. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. I really enjoyed being able to call home and talk with the family to see how they've been doing and to see everyone on Skype. We've had a lot of down time because of the Holidays so while we didn't have to many lessons we were able to enjoy spending time with other missionaries, watching some church movies, and sledding at Mt. Charleston. Also rather than staying up past bedtime on New Years eve to watch fireworks I enjoyed my sleep.
   We lost a lot of our investigators this last week due to moves and family issues that arose and so my companion and I are putting a lot of our focus on finding at this time. It's hard not having your day filled with lessons but hopefully we can find lots of people so we can teach them next transfer. As December drew to an end my companion and I found ourselves 4 days over on miles and as result we spent a lot of our time on foot. It was a lot of fun walking everywhere but the first few days were kinda rough and our feet smelled pretty bad!!! I'm happy that the month is over and we have our car again with an extra 100 miles for those trips we take out to Parump once a month that put us over 200 miles in a day.
   Over the last two weeks we did have two baptisms which both went great! One was for a 10yr old girl in the Rainbow ward and the other was for an 18yr old girl in our YSA ward who is actually heading out to Colorado next week for college. We also have a baptism for an investigator in my last area (Maggie) this Saturday. She asked me to come baptize her and I'm really excited to be able to go back and be a part of the baptism.
   Well sorry for the short email I'll fill you in more next week, love you all!!
Elder Reeves

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