Monday, February 25, 2013

Letter from February 11, 2013

Good Morning!!! Hope you all are doing well and staying busy. This was an almost overwhelming week for us with the large number of new referrals we received and the many new faces we had a church, but 'lI start off with answering some of the questions I've been getting.
Q.1 How are you doing?
   I've been doing great and can hardly believe how fast these last two transfers have flown by. Life as a missionary begins to get a little weird though when you begin thinking only in terms of the mission and forget that you had a different life before the mission and will be a different person after the mission. You begin to forget that closeness you had to home when you can't take advantage of calling each time you have a funny moment to share or a quick question to ask. You make friends out here and they become your support over the next two years along with the members and ward leaders. I love the wards that I'm serving in and all the support that they have shown me.
Q.2 Are you growing in faith and is your testimony getting stronger?
   Everyday my faith and testimony grow which is interesting since this is also the time of my life where I'm tried the most. I've never heard so many attacks on the church or it's members but you learn to stand up for your beliefs and help those with miss understandings of the church. It's amazing how so many of the attacks on the church are made up or simply taken out of context, and you get to the point where nothing you hear takes you by surprise anymore and you can help show those who ask where the answers really are.
Q.3 Are you coming to know our Savior better and are you becoming more like him?
   Most definitely as I've come to understand the gospel better and really take time to study it out I've gained a greater appreciation for all that the savior did in fact do for us and continues to do. I love teaching the Plan of Salvation to our investigators and really focus in on all that the Savior did for us to make the plan possible. I do strive to become more like Christ and hope I'm at least a bit closer by the end of my mission. 
Q.4 Are you finding any certain area of missionary work more difficult than the others?
   So far the missionary work has been going excellent and I really haven't run into any really difficult situations thus far. The hardest part of the work is probably just being able to make join decisions with your companion and staying on track with your work. My current companion though has been awesome and I have no complaints! 
Q.5 What are you doing very well?
   I think that I've done a good job with mastering the lessons and my favorite part of the work is teaching our investigators. As I've come to study the gospel to where it makes perfect sense to me I feel that I'm able to do a good job then helping those we teach to gain that same understanding.
Q.6 Where can we help you?
   You can help by supporting me and by sharing your personal stories of missionary work. I love just hearing about home in your letters and what everyone is up to. We only get a few opportunities to talk about the day to day parts of life so I cherish hearing about how everyone is. Don't be afraid to write me about things like football games, school, funny moments, jokes, or any of that stuff, Ha it all helps keep me sane and helps me maintain some personality.
   Well this was a great week for us and we had a lesson with a new investigator named Ben on Tuesday which went excellent. We were going to teach about the restoration but ended up teaching the Plan of Salvation instead when my companion got a little mixed up on the teaching. I'm glad that we started with the Plan of Salvation and I could tell we had touched our investigator and helped him gain a lot of knowledge that he did not have before. He made it to church on Sunday and we set up a return appointment for this Thursday where he is supposed to bring his 8 year old son this time. Our other lessons for the week went also went well with Brittani and Joseph. Brittani had been struggling with the reading a bit and we've been trying to help her understand the background to the Book of Mormon better. She was supposed to come to church on Sunday but something came up and we'll have to check on her this week. Joseph has been doing way better and has been house shopping with his brother for another home in our ward boundaries. We are hoping to have his baptism in 2-3 weeks.
   Sunday was the craziest day so far this week and probably the whole time I've been in the area. At church we received 2 new investigators in the Rainbow ward and 1 new investigator in the Spanish Trails Singles ward. We set up a visit with the women in the singles ward for this Tuesday and the other investigators we'll be meeting with in the next couple of weeks. We had an excellent turn out at church and I can't wait to see what next week brings. I hope you all had a good week and I look forward to hearing from you again next week. Best wishes,
Elder Keller Reeves

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