Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Letter from August 27, 2012

  Well I'm glad to hear that you guys are keeping it busy at the home front! Out here my companion and I are sweating it out in the Vegas heat. We ran out of miles on our car for the month and are borrowing bikes to get us around town. Not only is this a far slower means of transportation but a far hotter choice as well. We have to be extra careful to keep hydrated going forward.
  As for our investigators we were able to hear back briefly from John Baker who was happy to inform us that Hollywood bought his story and plan to make it into a TV series that'll air in January!!!  He doesn't know how much their paying him yet but we get to meet with him later this week.  The Warburton family is scheduled to get baptized this Saturday at 5 and so we'll be teaching them the final lesson on Tuesday. We’re also teaching the first lessons to Gina and her son this week who are scheduled to be baptized on the 15th.
  We haven't had to much happen this last week due to zone conference, meetings, and other items so I'm hoping that this week is much better. Also we get to go to the temple on Wednesday which is of course really exciting for us! The Las Vegas temple looks beautiful from the pictures and from stories and I can't wait to see it for myself.
  My old MTC district set up an email group this last week and we are able to keep in touch with each other now. This is great because it lets me hear from other missionaries who are in the same situations as me being new to the mission field and lets me keep in touch with all my good friends. I still look to my MTC district leader as an excellent example and leader and someone I can still go to for advice.
  While we were over at Jordan Hoffman's this last week (whose scheduled to be baptized on the 8th) his younger brother walked in wearing a neon John Deer sweater that I just absolutely have to have, so I'm currently working on the situation. :) We still haven't been able to get a hold of Alex Mark who expressed a lot of interested in learning more about the church to us the other week. I left a note last week and when we drove by later the note was still there so we're hoping that he is just out of town for now.
  My roommates and I are getting along great and I've been learning a lot of new card games to play during personal time at night. I still haven't had any problem with getting plenty to eat and of course plenty to drink as well. I also found out this last week that one of my friends from college is in a ward that I'm over and I was able to have a short conversation with her mother on Sunday. It's crazy to think how small the world is... especially the Mormon one!
  I promise I will send the pictures but it'll be a bit. Maybe I'll get around to it once I start to get some mail from you guys as well.(Just kidding - I still need to get a flash drive to mail them) Well I love all of you and want you to know that I'm really happy to be here on a mission and especially to be in the mission to which I was called to. Best Wishes,
Elder Reeves

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