Monday, August 13, 2012

Letter from August 7, 2012

Wow I've been in Vegas for a day and I already have so much to talk about and share. Well we left the MTC (Missionary training Center) at 5 in the morning yesterday to drive to Salt Lake. Our plane got to Vegas at 9 in the morning here and we went straight to the mission home and then stake center were we would hold our introduction meetings. The mission president greeted us with his counslers at the airport and claimed a historic day for the Las Vegas West mission in that our group of 28 was the largerst group of missionaries they have ever recieved. We had a delicious breakfast at his house and as I said began our classes at the stake center. At 5 that afternoon we finally recieved our assignments with our areas and new compainions. All but one of our zones here are actually in the Las Vegas Area so we're really living right here in Vegas! it was sad to finally say goodbye to all my friends I had made from our district in the MTC but I know that we all will do great work. I was called to Red Rock zone here in Vegas with Elder Guist as my companion. After meeting him I found out he's from Huston Texas and is actually dating a girl from our Stake back in Texas - Kacnyca Kim I believe she was in Weatherford ward. Anyways he seems like a great guy and from what I understand has really helped turn our area around, although he does seem to have a problem with following all the rules. The area we are in is great! It's supposedly one of the wealthiest areas of Vegas and the church is really strong here with lots of work to do. I've also been blessed with the supposedly nicest appartments in the mission. Things seem to be looking up for me. Well last night we went out to dinner with a member and I was then able to meet with our Elder's Quorm president who has practically filled in the role of ward mission president. He left me with some great advice and challenge to set high goals and become the first missionaries to baptize an entire family here in over 12 years. After meeting with him we finished the night by meeting with a 12 year old investigator who has been reading the Book oof Mormon and reporting his progress and understanding with the missionaries. He's in a part member family whose extremely sweet to us and I look forward to working with more. As for the line up we have 4 baptisms lined up in the area and i can't wait to see those through. My excitment and desire to work hard has really been boosted by my call to this area. Well I love to here from all of you and wish the best! I enjoyed being able to talk with you before we left and I'm excited to keep you updated about my ward and area. Love you! Elder, Keller Reeves

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