Monday, August 6, 2012

E-mail from July 25, 2012

Hello from the MTC! Well as you can prob figure today was our first P-Day. Man things have been happening at such a fast pace over this past week. This is one of the first moments I've really had to sit down and process all that has happened since entering into my mission. The spirit here is so strong and my ability to read and understand scriptures has begun to amaze me. Never before have I taken so much out of my reading and begun to get excited about reading the stories of the book of mormon. Unfortunately we only have 30 minutes to write our emails each week so I'll have to write my thoughts fast before it kicks me off. Well we've all ready begun to teach lessons and have mostly taught about the restoration and prepared to teach our next lesson on the restoration tomorrow. My companion and I have luckly improved countless amounts tho since our first lesson and are excited to begin to teach our "investigators" about heavenly fathers plan for them. Speaking of companion I have been blessed with a very knowledgeable companion who definately has a strong.... personality. I love my district so much and we all get along great! I'm so excited to be able to go to Las Vegas with these guys on the 6th!! We also found two other disticts here of missionaries who are heading to the same mission at the same time as us bringing it to over 16 of us who are going to the Las Vegas West mission together. I've only heard good things about the mission we have been called to labor in and I so incredibly excited. I just recently heard about the Colorado shooting and it really saddened me but brought a reality of the work that we need to be doing. I've been able to have a couple moments since being here that I have been hit by the spirit as only a few other times in my life. In our introduction ceremony we began to sing army of helamen and changed the words "we are as the lords missionaries" to 'we are now the lords missionaries". Man what a powerful song and realization of the great blessing to be serving a mission. Later on on sunday we had a fantastic devotional in which we were blessed to here from a member of the 70 who taught us that no matter how hard the mission gets if we but push forward we will be blessed greatly, or more importantely the people who we teach will be. We related his teaching to the song come come ye saints. I'm still amazed by the power of the spirit that song can bring into a room.
      Well I was able to find all the things you left me mom thanks so much I'll write you a letter when I have the time. Also I haven't recieved any of the mail that people have been sending so I'm not sure if ya'll have the wrong address or if they just haven't gotten here yet so hopefully it's the latter. Well my time is running out so I'd just like to thank again all the people who have halped prepare me for this moment in my life. For my familys(Reeves, and Becks), and my brother Cary for serving a mission himself and setting an example of endurance. I thank my leaders and teachers through out the years, and all of my great friends. This really will be the hardest and best two years of my life and I'm so excited that the mission has begun!! Love you guys!!!!

Elder Keller Reeves

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